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Microsoft Surface Studio: Company's First-ever Desktop Convertible PC Release In French Market

Mar 21, 2017 01:27 AM EDT


Microsoft announced its Surface Studio at the Windows 10 Creators Update event in October 2016. First, it was made available in the United States only, but now the company is preparing to bring it to the European market. Now, there is a rumor that it will be released in French market this July. Microsoft's first-ever desktop PC gives tough competition to Apple's iMac.

Microsoft Surface Studio is very impressive, people who don't like all-in-one desktop PCs seems to like $3,000 PC. According to The Verge, 28-inch and 13mm thin PixelSense display are the heart of the Surface Studio. As the name indicates, the user can't see any pixels on the display and everything looks the way it is. The Studio has a 3:2 aspect ratio and uses 4500 × 3000 resolution with 192 dpi.

The display can be converted as a giant tablet that supports Surface Pen. Microsoft is using a zero-gravity hinge to move the display. Currently, there are three models available of Microsoft Surface Studio. Basic model offers 6th Generation Intel Core i5 processor with 8 GB RAM and 2 GB GPU. Then, the next model features 6th Generation Core i7 processor with 16 GB RAM and 2 GB GPU for $3,500.

Top model offers 6th Generation Core i7 processor with 32 GB RAM and 4 GB GPU for $4,200. There is 64 GB SSD in basic model and 128 GB SSD in other two models. Microsoft Surface Studio will come with a Surface Pen, Surface Keyboard and Surface Mouse.

Microsoft Surface Studio is company's first ever desktop PC that received a positive response from consumers. It was released in the US last year but it was unclear when it will be available in other markets like France, Germany and the UK. As written in MSPowerUser, Microsoft confirmed to the French news site Numerama at the IT Partners Industry event in France this week that the Surface Studio would be available for sale in July.

Consumers find Microsoft Surface Studio better than Apple iMac. Microsoft's convertible desktop PC is versatile but it looks normal if it is only used as a PC. Some people might find it costly but it is worth it.

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