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Beaches In Southern California May Faces the Future Extinction: a New Study Predicts the Crucial Fact

Mar 29, 2017 04:35 PM EDT


Concerns cover human minds when scientists declare that a huge area of Southern California beaches will face extinction by the year 2100. A new computer model unveils the truth.

The beaches belong to the core elements of the lives of people living in Southern California. Losing the seashores will surely affect the tourism economy. At the same time, it will erase a major portion of business, home and the key infrastructure of this U.S. state. Sean Vitousek, a previous post-doctoral fellow at the U.S. Geological Survey, opines that human management should increase efforts to save the seashores, the USGS reported.

It is true that artificial nourishments have helped to increase the area of a huge portion of the beaches in Southern California. But, a recent study indicates that the future increment of the sea-level will eliminate a big area of the seashores. Patrick Barnard, the USGS geologist and the co-author of the current study, stresses on the massive interventions to prevent the erosion.

Patrick Barnard says that beaches in the Southern California are considered as an essential lifeline of the economy. The seashores protect 18 million people from the crucial coastal storms. Erosion of these seashores will bring a crucial impact on the economy and will deprive the residents of several benefits.

Recently, scientists have availed the "CoSMoS-COAST" numerical model to predict the changes in the shoreline. Two key reasons exist behind the changes. The rise of the sea level and the changing pattern of the storm due to the climate change are those two reasons. In a word, scientists have tried to provide the accurate prediction about the beaches in Southern California.

While performing the research study with the said computer model the scientists investigated the sand transportation along the beach and across the beach. Most of the times, the transportation occurs due to the sea-level and waves. Previous changes in beaches due to different climate cycles like El Nino were also taken into consideration to provide an accurate future prediction. The researchers aimed to give a best and error free prediction about the future changes in the shoreline of Southern California.

The complete report about the shoreline and climate change is published in the Journal of Geophysical Research. The need of the hour is to create a plan to preserve the beaches and to save the residents of Southern California. Seashores play an important role in the development of civilization.

The problem is a common fact of human life and it is necessary to overcome that. Southern California is famous for its excellent beaches. The citizens of the U.S. city will certainly provide efforts to protect those seashores.


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