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Biodegradable Edible Water Bottle Can Satisfy Thirst When Eaten And Saves The Environment

Apr 12, 2017 05:17 AM EDT


The edible water bottle is the solution to save the environment. It has a size of only 250ml and a silicon design.

A spherical sized edible water bottle wobbling just like a silicon breast implant from Ooho! Is a new hope to save the environment. Mail Online reported that in just a small capacity of 250ml, the squidgy globe that is filled with water can satisfy a person's thirst.

The year 2014 when the edible water bottle was invented by a trio of engineers and designed by Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez, a Royal College of Art and the Imperial College of London postgraduate. However, due to lack of funds to introduce their invention to the market, the engineers weren't able to introduce their invention, that's why a fundraising was first initialized.

According to Mirror, the edible water bottle looks like a cross between a silicon breast implant and a jellyfish. But, people should not think it as unworthy, for even though it's small it can satisfy thirst and can save the environment. Ideally, the edible water bottle has no natural taste but can be able to add some flavors if preferred.

It is designed just like a fruit with a protective outer layer to keep the water inside clean. the world can now be saved from the use of plastic bottle production, for it only uses a cheaper seaweed-based design outer layer. With the design of the edible water bottle, the engineers acquire the success of their goals which is to make packaging waste disappear.

Just like the Ooho! Company with the mission to provide sustainable packaging alternative to plastic bottles and cups that are made from seaweed extracts. The edible water bottle is also made from an entirely natural and biodegradable material which are way cheaper than the use of plastic. The Global Design Forum noted that the product can totally make the use of unsustainable plastic water obsolete.

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