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Intel Breaks Silence In The Rumors Related With The Release Of AMD Ryzen Processors

Apr 13, 2017 01:53 AM EDT

Intel Vs. AMD processors
(Photo : Tech of Tomorrow /Youtube) Intel Vs. AMD processors

In the series of AMD Ryzen processors, Intel is reportedly about to be crushed. Can AMD take over the spot of Intel processors?

One month ago, AMD has released its trio of 8-core in a 16-thread model, the Ryzen 7 processors, Forbes reported. Additionally, two days ago, AMD released its Ryzen 5 series of processors with a pair of 6-core in 12 threads and another pair of 4-core in 8 thread, which tech experts perceived as the most important launch from AMD.

According to Tech Radar, while both manufacturer, the AMD, and Intel have their own advantages when it comes to the production of processors, a stiff competition in the market continue to grow. For instance, AMD focuses on producing CPUs with more cores, Intel, on the other hand, is opt-in making their cores faster in a sense of Hyper-threading.

Meanwhile, when it comes to price, there's a common misconception that AMD processors are more affordable than the Intel processors. But the truth is, both Intel and AMD processors retail prices are about the same.

The rise of more and more reviews showing how the AMD Ryzen 5 series of CPUs are better than the Intel processors when it comes to performance and games tests, threatens Intel's marketability. That's why it's a blessing that the review performed by Santiago Santiago in a video which spread in Youtube showed a different result from the rest of comparisons that looks like its defending Intel from everything.

Because of those rumors and the reviews telling that Intel will be about the be beaten by the AMD processors, Intel this time presented great differences of its CPUs from AMD processors in eight games tested by Santiago Santiago. The data on the video displayed how Intel Core i7 is far better than the Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7 that slammed other reviews and rumors which are pointing out on Intel's weaknesses.

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