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Planet Nine Could Be True After All: Astronomers Might Have The Evidence To Prove It

Apr 20, 2017 06:53 PM EDT


Reports about Planet Nine existence is headlining the online news as of late. It appears that early speculation about it is true after all in the latest studies conducted by experts. Now, latest news is saying that astronomers might have the factual evidence to prove its existence.

For the past decades, people are informed that our Solar System is composed of eight planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune (exclude Pluto as a dwarf planet). But, the hunt for a new planet never ceases, as astronomers did not disregard the possibility of having a Planet Nine on the solar system.

And it seems that astronomers are right as they later found out that there are other "worlds" that's been orbiting beyond the Neptune. They believed that the said moving objects might lead them to the discoveries of a new planet that has been elusive for the past couple of years. Could that be the Planet Nine they are searching for?

According to Phys.Org, astronomers discovered a minor planet orbiting beyond Neptune and they named it 2013 SY99. As per observation, SY99 is a small, reddish and icy world that has a size of about 250 kilometers in diameter. Experts also say that it has an orbit that will take 20,000 years to have a one long, looping passage but they never confirm if it is the Planet Nine.

But aside from 2013 SY99, there are six other small icy worlds that are also orbiting beyond Neptune. Four of this moving objects are currently being investigated by astronomers and also being considered as other Planet Nines. SY99 is orbiting much farther in the solar system than the previously discovered Sedna and 2013 VP113.

On a separate report by BGR, astronomers might have the data to prove the existence of Planet Nine. They use data from the SkyMapper telescope at the Australian National University and with the help of 21,000 people volunteer, they were able to track down potential planets by looking into 100,000 images.

Out of thousand images, astronomers was able to cut down to four different objects that could potentially Planet Nine. And now, the four object will be subject to further examination if it is indeed a large world or just like a dwarf planet or other else.

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