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Leaked Video Tells The Coming Of The Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Reveals 6.3-inch Screen

May 31, 2017 02:34 AM EDT


After a flammable model of the Samsung Galaxy Note, this year, the company might plan to introduce a new Galaxy Note 8. Evidence was revealed on a leaked video that might be the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

The Sun reported a new video that is hinted as the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The video tells the anticipated update on the new Samsung Galaxy Note in Twitter from a Chinese tech expert.

To recall, the last model of the Samsung Galaxy Note was launched in August. However, a week later it's launching, lots of news was received by the company on the bursting into flames battery of the Note 7 which forced the company to pull back three million handsets.

 This year, according to Mail Online, a nine-second video appears unexpectedly to reveal a 6.3-inch screen device that is hinted as the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Furthermore, the device on the video shows an edge to edge design that looks exactly similar on the Infinity Display of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

The short video was shared by a Twitter user obviously showing a front glass panel of the phone in the video. Furthermore, rumors also claim that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 model will be released before the year ends and at the same time ending the memories of overheating batteries left by the previous model.

Additionally, the screen dimension which the video obviously shows is that the new Samsung Galaxy Note would have a 0.6 inches size of it, larger than its predecessor. The screen dimension is about 0.1 inches larger than the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus that is said to have the largest flagship in the smartphone.

Meanwhile, some rumors claim that the hinted Samsung GalaxyNote 8 will feature a fingerprint scanner located at the front of the phone along with a dual camera feature on the rear part. Before its release date, the Galaxy Note 8 would be faced with a big question on its battery to be able to cope up with the $5.3 billion lost from the previous model.

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