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Verizon Undercuts Its Own Lowest Price With 2GB Postpaid Plan For $40 A Month

Feb 24, 2017 05:18 PM EST

Verizon joins the unlimited wireless data party
(Photo : AMERICAN NEWS ROOM / You Tube Screenshot) Verizon is bolstering its prepaid plans with a new data bucket and making it simpler for prepaid customers to enjoy the benefits of the best network.

Verizon has been making announcements with new wireless plans lately, yet they've all been in the realm of post-paid clients. Today they've declared another 2GB prepaid choice for $40, which is presently the least expensive prepaid plan on the network.

That's the $50/5GB plan and the $70/10GB plan, both of which are impartially better deals in terms of pure value. Yet, maybe that $50 floor was keeping many clients far from Verizon's really good coverage which tends to defeat over each other carrier for rural penetration ( with the exception of AT&T in a few areas).

Verizon's prepaid alternatives have turned into significantly more attractive since they've included "Always-On Data" - 128kbps after the data cap won't give you a chance to stream Pandora reliably, but rather it won't hit you with any overage charges, either. Verizon's CarryOver data, which permits clients to move over unused data for one month (and just a single month), is a good touch, regardless of the possibility that it's less forgiving than different carriers.

So, unless people truly need Verizon's top-tier coverage there are better-prepaid deals to consider from whatever another carrier. T-Mobile's prepaid options begin at $40 a month for 3GB, and the unadvertised $30/5GB plan is evidently still around.As per Android

Sprint has a similar starting cost and tier for prepaid, AT&T really offers more with a 4GB/$40 option, and there are way better deals to consider at the different smaller MVNO carrier. The 2GB Verizon plan isn't live on the site yet, however, it ought to appear later today.

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