OnePlus 5 is hinted as the next flagship killer jumping up after the OnePlus 3T. Here are the latest details about the smartphone.

Just like the previous models of OnePlus phones, the OnePlus 5 is expected to be on sale starting this summer 2017, Android Pit reported. The price is still unknown, but because it's a new phone, there's a presumed increase of not less than $40 from the last model which is the OnePlus 3T.

Meanwhile, the design of the OnePlus 5 phone is much-awaited. According to Droid Report, the latest flagship killer will be on its all-glass or ceramic chassis design in a full matte color. The said color and theme is said to be "black as midnight."

Aside from this, the upcoming OnePlus 5 model is said to be inspired by the success of its predecessor the OnePlus 3T. That's why it is said that the OnePlus 5 is said to continue the Colette edition of the OnePlus 3T on its black color variant.

OnePlus 5 features are high-end since it is expected to see on its 5.5 dual-curved edge AMOLED display. The display will be accompanied by an FHD 1080p display resolution. More so, the OnePlus 5 is said to be equipped with a high capacity of RAM up to 6GB and a 64GB internal storage.

It will also have an interestingly amazing camera of 25MP main and 12MP for the front cam. More importantly, the OnePlus 5 will be geared with a very powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. It will also have the USB Type-C connector and a high capacity battery of 4000mAh with Dash Charge Feature all packed in with Android 7.1 Nougat.

With all of the amazing features, high-end hardware and admirable design of the OnePlus 5 smartphone, no wonder it does not fall behind. The OnePlus 5 can passively compete with the leading Android smartphones such as LG, Samsung, Apple among others.