A New Rotavirus vaccine is the new vaccine under evaluation by the WHO. This is believed to prevent children's death from the diarrheal disease.

CBS News reported a new safe and effective rotavirus that could prevent diarrheal disease-causing 600 of children die each die. The rotavirus vaccine under the evaluation of the World Health Organization is known to be effective in around 80 to 90%.

Rotavirus is a viral disease causing children that are five years old and below to suffer and die. Each year there are 450,000 children who die from the virus. According to New York Times, rotavirus has been defeated by a new vaccine tested in a large trial in Africa and believed to be the most practical way to protect these children.

The rotavirus vaccine is expected to be more effective and cheaper than another form of vaccines available and can last for months even not refrigerated. Dr. Paul A. Offit from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia happily announced his feelings on the development of the new vaccine.

Dr. Offit commented, "I wish there were 10 companies making rotavirus vaccine. Because there are thousands of children dying from the virus." Currently, there are 215,000 children from Pakistan, Nigeria, the Democratic Congo, India and all over the world are dying each year based on the record of WHO.

Prior to this, a rotavirus vaccine was made by the Serum Institute of India that can give 67 percent reliability in severe cases of the rotavirus diarrheal diseases. While in 1999, the first American rotavirus vaccine called Rotashield was pulled out in the market due to fear of intussusception. Another vaccine was developed by the GSK, the Rotarix, which was tested in Africa.

Trial Director Rebecca F. Grais for Doctors Without Borders said that the perfect vaccine is necessary for treating the rotavirus. This new Rotavirus vaccine can be 80 to 90 percent effective. However, it must be approved first by the World Health Organization before can be distributed in the affected countries.