SpaceX, the multi-million space travel agency owned by Elon Musk, set a date in history as they flew Falcon 9, the first reused rocket on a space odyssey. The journey has earned it a comparison with the great first flight by the Wright Brothers.

According to The Economic Times, SpaceX used the Falcon 9 rocket which has flown before also to carry a communications satellite for its first commercial customer SES-SA based out of Luxembourg. It is seen as a giant leap for Elon Musk's company in its 15-year long pursuit of building a human colony on Mars.

SpaceX has reportedly recovered a total of eight rockets including the Falcon 9, three by land and five by sea. As per SES, rockets can be reused over time can be great assets. It is a huge step in making space travel affordable. SpaceX says it is going to take roughly $62 million for the re-launching of the rocket in the space.

According to Bloomberg, SpaceX manufactures its own rockets and engines that let it constantly improve the designing and manufacturing.  It took almost four months to recover and refurbish the used Falcon 9, as depicted by the company. SpaceX also said that the required amount of turnaround time can be decreased to just a single day if the company starts to reuse rockets just the way various airlines currently operate.   

SpaceX now boasts of successfully launching four rockets in 2017 and plans to fly at least 20 to 24 more missions this year. The company has got a contract worth $4.2 billion from NASA to send supplies to the International Space Station via its unmanned Dragon spaceship. After Falcon 9, SpaceX is also looking forward to fly astronauts to the International Space Station in a version of the spacecraft that can carry humans.

It goes without saying that the chief of SpaceX, Elon Musk, is elated by the incredible achievement of Falcon 9. Musk has already announced another historic space voyage that will commence in late 2018, which will witness a private week-long tour of the space around the moon for two citizens in lieu of a "significant deposit".