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Unknown Mysterious Condition Hinders Three People To Age & Leaves Them Trapped In A Toddler's Body

Apr 16, 2017 02:16 AM EDT

An Unknown Mysterious Condition Made Three People Trapped in A Toddler's Body
(Photo : NTDTV/Youtube) An Unknown Mysterious Condition Made Three People Trapped in A Toddler's Body

An unknown mysterious condition was found recently from different parts of the globe. The condition hinders a person to grow physically.

Three persons were found out recently suffering from an illness or an unknown mysterious condition. The condition hinders these people to age and worst leaves them abnormally in a size of a toddler. Daily Star reported two girls namely Jennifer and Allysa who are both suffering from the said unknown mysterious condition.

The 22-year-old Jennifer leaves with the condition disallowing her to see, speak and move around freely and actively. The unknown condition trapped her since the age of four which means she hasn't aged for the last 18 years of her life.

Another girl who suffers the same fate is Allysa since she was in her mother's womb, the doctor had taken her out about three weeks early for she was not eating well. Afterward, she was noticed not growing and the unknown mysterious condition left her in the body of a four-year-old.

Even worse than the two women is the condition of the 22-year-old Manpreet Singh who also suffered the same fate from the unknown mysterious condition. Manpreet is trapped in a toddler's body with only 23 inches of height. He can't even utter a word or walk without support.

According to NTD, Manpreet Singh was born after ten and a half months, which one and a half month more than the birth of a normal person. Manjeet Kaur stated that after six months of Manpreet's age or almost a year they have realized that he can barely speak. They even bring him to many doctors to find a cure, but the condition remains to be unknown.

Some doctors believe that this unknown mysterious condition which these people suffers are caused by birth defects and a deficiency in the growth hormones. However, no one can give an exact diagnosis of the condition. Until today, Dr. Richard Walker hopes to name the condition thru his research to help the affected people.

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