The next iPhone or commonly dubbed iPhone 8 of Apple may have the frame of stainless steel like the Apple watch. New report unveils many important features of the handset.

According to the Japanese blog Mac Otakara, the enclosure between the front and back glass of Apple's upcoming iPhone will be covered with stainless steel. No doubt it must be a very polished one with the absolutely elegant look. Rumors are surfacing that the new smartphone has almost the similar frame design as the iPhone 4.

The said enclosure of the next "iPhone Edition" will have an improved version of the stainless steel compared to the Apple watch. The blog also claims that the smartphone must have the flat OLED display that supports 2.5D cover glass through the edges. In a word, the forthcoming smartphone of Apple will produce some new and astonishing aspects.

Mac Rumors stated that the last few weeks different reports have surfaced as the new one that utters significant words about the upcoming iPhone's camera. Sources claim that the rear panel of the smartphone of Apple will have the iSight Duo camera. The camera will be vertically-aligned. The aim of this camera is to support the VR shooting.

Actually, the camera will help to provide a better outcome when the next smartphone of Apple will be placed in the Virtual Reality headset. Like always the cameras should be set horizontally. It is obvious that the upcoming iPhone will explore a set of new features to prove its efficiency.

Apart from these reports, new rumors are also spreading about the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus. It is believed that both the handsets will be a little bit thicker than current models. But, currently, tech enthusiasts are pointing their all attention towards the forthcoming iPhone of Apple.

Tech giant Apple is always famous for exploring something new. Consumers always wait to cherish new surprises from the house of this popular tech company. Hopefully, the next iPhone will fulfill their trust once again.