Britain successfully generates electricity for a whole Friday without using a single lump of coal. A great revolutionary step to reduce the level of the carbon emissions in the air.

National Grid of Britain reported that Friday is the first working day since the Industrial Revolution to stay away from using coal power. The good news is the citizens of the country availed electricity from the renewable sources like wind, solar, gas and nuclear throughout the day. This is the first major step in Britain to achieve this pioneering milestone.

The record low use of the coal power is the indication of the increasing trend of the coming coal free days. It is a good sign and a great step towards phasing out the use of the fossil fuels. Britain took a significant step in 2016 when coal was used to generate only 9% of the electricity whereas it was 23% in 2015.

Britain is aiming to close the last coal power station by 2025, The Guardian stated. The Government of the UK is trying hard to get rid of the fossil fuel use in order to meet its climate change commitments. A decade ago, it was impossible to think a day without coal power. But, within ten years the energy system in the UK has radically changed, according to Hannah Martin, head of the energy at Greenpeace UK.

She says Friday is the first day that should be marked as the turning point in the energy transition in Britain. It is true that Britain has played the lead role on earth to increase the use of the clean, green, technology. Almost every corner of the world is trying to reduce the carbon emissions in the air. The decrement in the use of the fossil fuel, like coal, can obviously explore the best outcome.

Duncan Burt, head of the real-time operations at the National Grid in Britain, reveals his significant opinion. He says that coal was the backbone of the power for a long time in the country. He also utters that he feels proud to be a part of the day when there was no coal-burning, according to the

Gareth Redmond-King, the head of the climate and energy at WWF, marks the coal free day a significant step to achieve the green economic revolution. No doubt more initiatives are necessary to succeed in achieving the global commitments to avail a clean environment. It is essential to decline the use of fossil fuels in transport and others to gain more effective results. Hopefully, other countries of the world will follow the same footsteps of Britain to explore an environment with fresh air for the next generation.