Until the day of its release in September, the iPhone 8 from Apple will maintain it's strong presence in the rumor mills likely due to its high popularity in the smartphone industry. Another important fact is that Apple will be celebrating their tenth year anniversary of introducing their iPhones to the markets.

Apple is expected to totally revamp the iPhone 8 likely due to their celebratory event this year. That said, the iPhones for a couple of years have seen no changes in its design except for some color choices introduced to the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models. Apple has also released their iPhones with LCD displays while their competitors have already moved to OLED displays.

Details from the MacRumors hint that the Apple iPhone 8 will not see the touch ID being moved to the back of the smartphone like some recent Android devices. As reported earlier, Apple has been testing numerous prototypes, with different designs and sizes. Hence there are numerous leaks with different design schemes and renders.

Meanwhile, another report from 9To5Mac mentions that the new iPhone 8 will now see the dual-lens cameras mounted vertically alongside the flash ring near to it. The present generation iPhone 7 Plus sports a dual-lens camera mounted horizontally.

The leaked sketch of the upcoming iPhones reveals a massive circular gap which likely indicates that the upcoming iPhone 8 will indeed support wireless charging technology within a defined range. Analysts too believe that wireless charging technology is a definite addition to the upcoming devices which the leaked sketch suggests.

Another notable change is the fact that the iPhone 8, like the Galaxy S8, might be totally free from any physical buttons on the front portion of the smartphone. Hence, Apple is reportedly experimenting the positioning of the touch ID in various places, even under the display.