Apple has decided to extend the warranty period for Apple Watch Series 1 after numerous complaints revealed that the hardware suffered from swollen battery issues in some units of their first ever smartwatch. The company will now cover all eligible Apple Watch first generation devices for an additional year than the said warranty period.

It was found that some units of the first generation of Apple Watch were suffering from what people described it to a ballooning battery. According to reports from Ars Technica, it isn't a widespread problem affecting all potential units but however, as a precautionary measure, Apple has come to such a decision to make sure none of their customer base remains affected.

Apple Watch Series 1 users had taken up to Apple forums and social platforms like Reddit to report the ballooning battery issue with their smartwatches back in 2016. Another primary issue among users was that the display on the hardware was partially defaced due to the case of battery expanding inside the casing.

Meanwhile, details from 9To5Mac indicated that Apple has sent out emails to all Apple Watch first generation users that it will continue to offer support and provide service for the hardware. "Eligible devices will be covered for two years beyond the original one-year limited warranty period" Apple mentioned in the email that it sent out.  

Apple normally offers a year of warranty on all their products. Additionally, they also offer their 'Applecare' extended warranty program that adds another year of service and support coverage, for an additional fee. The changes come into effect since the first generation of Apple Watch now completes a two-year mark since its release. Users mentioned that Apple has instructed their stores to replace all affected devices after getting to know more about the problem.