The largest offshore wind farm in the world is now ready to generate power for the Dutch people. A remarkable achievement that increases the use of the renewable energy. reported that Dutch officials have finally opened the offshore wind farm that includes 150 turbines to generate power for a huge number of people. Gemini wind park is the destination of this wind farm. The wind park lies some 53 miles off The Netherlands' northern coast.

This offshore wind farm is regarded as one of the largest in the world. The Gemini wind park will help for the next fifteen years to meet the energy requirement of 1.5 million people. The wind park can generate almost 600 megawatts power using the full wind. This amount of energy will help to meet the energy requirement of some 785,000 Dutch households.

Matthias Haag, managing director of the Gemini wind park, announced that the operational stage of the project is now officially ready. The project was first conceived in the year 2010. The use of the offshore wind farm to generate power for the Dutch households is an adorable step.

The project is the outcome of an important collaboration between four companies. These companies are Northland Power, Siemens Wind Power, Van Oord and HVC. Van Oord is the Dutch maritime contractor, while HVC is a popular company expert in waste processing.

On the other hand, Siemens Wind Power is famous for manufacturing the wind turbine. Northland Power is an independent renewable energy company in Canada. The whole project bears a cost of $3 billion. The success of this project is regarded as a great achievement that provides benefits to the Dutch people.

Matthias Haag uttered that the Gemini wind park will contribute almost 13 percent of Netherlands' complete renewable energy supply. The wind park will contribute almost 25 percent of the wind power, though, the country is mainly dependent on the fossil fuels to generate electricity. According to a report from the Ministry of the economic affairs of the Dutch Government, fossil fuels cover almost 95 percent of total energy supply. The said report was prepared in 2016.

According to the Dutch, the Dutch Government has already given the green signal to the developers for building another five offshore wind farms. The government is committed to producing 14 percent of the required energy from solar and wind power by 2020. Even by 2023, the production will probably reach 16 percent.

It is quite clear that the Dutch Government is now preparing to ensure the use of renewable sources as much as possible. The step will reduce the emissions of the carbon dioxide, the key greenhouse gas responsible for the global warming. Now the new offshore wind farm is a positive step towards availing a clean environment.