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Egypt Discovers 3700-Year-Old Burial Chamber Of King Emnikamaw’s Daughter

May 11, 2017 01:48 PM EDT

The three large pyramids of Menkaure (L), Khafre (C) and Khufu loom over the horizon November 13, 2004 at Giza, just outside Cairo, Egypt
(Photo : Sean Gallup/Getty Images) A new archaeological excavation in Egypt discovers the 3700-year-old burial chamber that most probably belongs to the King Emnikamaw’s daughter.

A few weeks ago an excavation team of Egypt discovered the remains of a new 3700-year-old pyramid. Now a burial chamber is surfaced near the said remnants.

The Ministry of Antiquities of Egypt reveals that recently a new burial chamber is found. The chamber is located near the recently explored pyramid that belongs to the 13th Dynasty, Phys.org reported. Both of them dated back almost 3,700 years ago.

The ministry utters that the chamber was discovered at a specific archaeological site located at the Dahshour royal necropolis, south of Cairo in Egypt. It is believed that the chamber must belong to the daughter of Emnikamaw, King of the 13th Dynasty. The King's pyramid is 600 meters away from the chamber.

BBC News reported that a wooden box is found in the burial chamber that contains canopic jars. The box is engraved with the Hieroglyphic writings. As already mentioned that last month the archaeologists discovered remains of a new pyramid in the same area in Egypt. Interestingly the remnants of the pyramid also bear ten lines of Hieroglyphic writings that show the name of the King Emnikamaw.

Now the above-mentioned Dahshour area not only famous for archaeological excavations but also unveils essential information. Dahshour is famous for the Red Pyramid that is 341 ft high. This Red Pyramid was the first smooth-sided pyramid of ancient Egypt and built by King Sneferu who belonged to the 4th Dynasty. The Pyramid was made almost 4,600 years ago.

Before the construction of the Red Pyramid, King Sneferu built a Bent Pyramid that is 105m-high. The slopes of this Pyramid change angle from 54 degrees to the 43 degrees. Later the king was succeeded by son Khufu who is famous for the Great Pyramid located at Giza. Now it is quite clear that Egypt is famous for many archaeological sites and the new burial chamber is a true evidence of this reality.


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