NASA will be about to confirm its first insane mission "to touch the sun" next year. The agency is willing to spend a $1.5 billion amount for the mission's success.

In the next few days, Business Insider reported that the National Aeronautic Space Administration or NASA will be about to announce its first mission to touch the sun that would cost an estimate of $1.5 billion. The agency would use a specialized probe that will dip inside the atmosphere of the brightest star in the universe.

According to Independent, NASA wants to send the spacecraft to dig deeper into the sun's core where it will face extreme radiation levels and temperature. The spacecraft would be a Solar Probe Plus and will be introduced on Wednesday along with the plan of NASA to touch the sun. They would hold a live stream on NASA television along with the agency's own website from 4 pm BST.

Reports claim that the probe will be set for a take-off on summer of 2018. Furthermore, it will be tasked to collect data on the mechanisms that supplies heat to the corona or the outermost part of the Sun's atmosphere.

The data to be collected would help astronomers to process and predict solar storms that would likely to occur in the future. More so, it will also provide clues on some of the deepest mysteries that surrounds the Sun.

To recall, a 370-kilogram block of instruments that are called the Helios 2 in 1976 was able to make it at about 43 million kilometers to the surface of the Sun. During that time, its mission was to study the cosmic rays and the solar winds.

Now, it would be the first mission of NASA to touch the sun next year which through the help of modern technology. The get the mission successful, the probe would have to swing past Venus seven times to make it within six million kilometers of the Sun's surface.