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Japanese Scientists Discover How Ice Cream Won't Melt Even In Warm Weather

Aug 08, 2017 07:14 AM EDT

Japanese scientists create incredible ice Cream That Won’t Melt
(Photo : Cool Panda / You Tube) Japanese scientists create incredible ice Cream That Won’t Melt. An accidental discovery at Kanazawa-based Biotherapy Development Research Center helped create popsicles that reportedly don’t melt, and they’re available for sale in parts of Japan. Kanazawa Ice—also known as “not melting popsicles”—first hit stores in the northwestern city Kanazawa in April, reported Japanese daily newspaper Asahi Shimbun, before rolling out in Osaka and Tokyo.

Japanese scientists have invented a new way to prevent the ice cream from melting even in a hot weather. The scientists have made a great breakthrough with this new way.

Ice cream always starts melting very quickly, and so people try to eat them as quickly as possible. But, surprises and inventions know no limits, and that happened when Japanese scientists developed a method to stop the speedy melting of the ice cream. This new invention is the aftermath of a chef's accidental discovery.

A team of Japanese scientists is now successful to maintain any shape of an ice cream for a long time. People now can cherish this desert slowly no matter if the weather is hot. Actually, a Japanese chef was asked recently to use the strawberries grown in some specific areas. These areas experienced great impacts of the earthquake and the tsunami in 2011, Phys.org reported.

The important fact is strawberries grown in these areas don't have the normal shape, and this led the customers to refuse to buy them. While attempting to use these strawberries, the chef revealed that they were solidifying the cream. Japanese scientists from the famous Kanazawa University observed this fact minutely and found that polyphenol, a compound present in the strawberries, is responsible for this.

The Japanese scientists found that this strawberry extract prevents the water and oil from separating so quickly. The scientists then tried to mix the extract with the ice cream and discovered that it stopped the melting of the ice cream. That means the extract helps to keep the desert frozen for long and in warm weather.

According to Mail Online, Japanese scientists at the Biotherapy Development Research Centre in Kanazawa tried the polyphenol to prepare the melt resistant lollies. The professor at the Kanazawa University, Tomihisa Ota, stated that the polyphenol liquid contains some properties that create difficulty for oil and water to separate. Tomihisa Ota played a significant role in developing the melt resistant lollies. A popsicle that contains it must be able to maintain the cream's original shape for a longer period.

Now, testing by the Health inspectors was not necessary for this strawberry extract because it is natural. The extract discovered by the Japanese scientists was made available for the shop owners. Shop owners started selling ice cream maintaining the shapes, and the customers cherished them happily.

The news about the Japanese scientists' invention and the whole story were spread by the local media. Local newspapers even report this story, and some customers have already used some ways to test the fact. A few customers would keep the ice cream in the sun to see if it will melt. Some customers even tried hair dryers or applied artificially heated environments to check it.

Interestingly, the ice cream easily maintains its actual shape in the hot weather for hours and still gives the chilly feeling in the mouth. The invention of the Japanese scientists helps to prepare this new ice cream that is currently available only in Japan. So far it is not clear when this ice cream will be available outside Japan.

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