A new report suggests the Galaxy Note 8 of Samsung may copy an important feature of the Apple's iPhone. Apple introduced the feature in its iPhones from 2015.

Tech giant Samsung will unveil its new flagship handset the Galaxy Note 8 later this month. Reports about the features of this handset have already surfaced. But, interestingly a new report has hinted the company will copy the 3D Touch feature that was first introduced in the iPhone 6s.

This remarkable 3D Touch is a significant display technology produced by Apple. This technology can easily sense the touch pressure and helps to trigger the required on-screen actions. According to BGR, this feature helps users to access apps and the system-wide shortcuts quickly. Now, Samsung wants to avail this feature for its upcoming handset the Galaxy Note 8.

The iPhone 7 has this remarkable 3D Touch feature, and it is expected that the future models will also have this technology. Samsung has already tried to launch the all-screen display feature with no home button with an aim to avail the extended display. The Galaxy S8 includes these features, and the Note 8 will probably avail them too. According to The Investor, the Galaxy Note 8 will have a force touch that is called the 3D Touch.

This feature will help the phone to understand the amount of the pressure applied to the display screen. While putting this technology in the Galaxy Note 8, Samsung will adopt the similar solution that it used for the Galaxy S8's home button area. It seems that this 3D Touch technology will be present in the entire display.

Several previous reports have already suggested many important probable features of the Galaxy note 8. These features include a 6.3-inch display of the handset. Dual - lens camera on the back and a battery of 3,300 mAh must be two other key features of the device.