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The European States Experienced Sizzling Summer As Severe Heat Destroyed Crops Of Southeastern & Central Parts

Aug 11, 2017 09:13 AM EDT

Many European Countries Hit by Sweltering Heat
(Photo : VOA News / You Tube) Many European Countries Hit by Sweltering Heat. Europe is experiencing extreme weather conditions, including heat waves and flooding. The heat has caused outbreaks of wildfires in southern countries such as Croatia, Italy, Montenegro, Portugal and southern France, and drought has led to shortages of water in many areas.

Sizzling summer with high temperature creates huge impacts in many European states. Severe heat has already decimated crops in southeastern and central Europe.

With the increasing temperature in Europe, rivers are getting dry, and the animal world is experiencing the scorching pain. Several European states like Serbia, Hungary, Croatia, and Romania experienced the wrath of the high temperature measured around 40-degree Celsius on Thursday. Several persons have breathed their last, and many wildfires have taken place due to this hottest summer. This region experienced the hottest and the driest summer.

With the increasing high-temperature demands for two essential things, electricity and water, are soaring high. Major impacts are visible in Serbia where the unbearably high temperature has destroyed 60 percent of the corn crops. Water levels dropped drastically creating a severe threat to the fish stocks in this country. In a word, severe heat has engulfed several European countries.

A Serbian farmer Pavel Tordaj, an inhabitant of the Padina village, showed scorched sunflower and withered corn. Todraj took bank loans for the cultivation, but the drought decimated all the corn and half of the sunflowers, ABC News reported. According to him, it is now difficult for the farmers to make up this loss. Due to high temperature, 2.4 million acres of farmland in this European state are suffering from the water crisis.

According to Zeljko Kaitovic of the Maize Research Institute, severe drought hampered the development of the corn. Currently, longer and heavy rain could not be very helpful in this situation. High temperature with severe drought has caused havoc in this European state. Officials of the Serbian government say that the state reserves will cover the shortages created due to severe drought.

The Serbian government has even requested consumers to become careful about the usage of water. The factories are asked not to deposit wastages into the drained rivers where the fishes are facing an acute crisis. Another European country Hungary is also suffering from increasingly high temperature as the grain harvest decreases nearly seven percent. Severe drought with extreme heat has declined the birds hatching in the Koros-Maros National Park.

The Science Times has previously reported about the heat wave "Lucifer" that engulfed many parts of the southern and eastern Europe. Due to high temperature, several persons suffered from sunstroke and many others admitted to hospital with heat-related complications. European state Albania requested the European Union for the emergency state as the state struggled to tackle 75 forest fires.

The farmlands of the Czech Republic also experienced the impacts of severe heat. The impacts are strongly visible in the southeast part of this European state. Predictions are high that the essential corn harvest could decline by 50 percent or more. Water levels even reduced by 25 to 50 percent in several rivers of this country.

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