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Bodybuilder Meegan Hefford Died After Consuming Too Much Protein Shakes & Bodybuilding Supplements

Aug 16, 2017 07:38 AM EDT

Bodybuilding Mom of 2 Reportedly Dies of Protein Overdose
(Photo : USA news & more / You Tube) Bodybuilding Mom of 2 Reportedly Dies of Protein Overdose, A bodybuilding competitor and mom of two reportedly died June 22 from a protein overdose, according to Perth Now.

An Australian bodybuilder, Meegan Hefford, died after consuming an excessive amount of protein shakes, supplements, and protein-packed foods. The 25-year-old bodybuilder had a son and a daughter.

Meegan Hefford became unconscious in the Mandurah apartment located in West Australia on June 19. The popular bodybuilder was rushed quickly to the hospital, though she was pronounced brain-dead. After two days, the known bodybuilder passed away.

In 2014 the bodybuilder, Meegan Hefford took, part in a bodybuilding competition. According to New York Post, she was a paramedic trainee. Ms. Hefford was maintaining a special and restricted diet to prepare herself for the bodybuilding competition that will take place in September.

After her death, the doctors discovered that the Australian bodybuilder had a very rare disorder called urea cycle disorder. This disorder prevents the ability of the body to break down the protein by causing the deficiency of an important enzyme in the urea cycle. Human body generally removes the waste product of the protein metabolism, nitrogen, from the blood. But, the said disorder prevents this function and brings a fatal outcome.

Due to this rare disorder, ammonia builds-up in the blood that ultimately poisons the brain. It finally causes to the brain damage that is coma and then death. According to Perth Now, the death certificate of this Australian bodybuilder suggests the consumption of the bodybuilding supplements a key cause of this death.

The famous bodybuilder, Meegan Hefford, began to attend the gym twice a day, though her mother Michelle White warned her about it. White asked her daughter to slow down this practice because she thought that it was a key reason behind Hefford's fatigue and lethargy. Meegan's mother was not even aware of the use of the supplements, and the protein shakes before her daughter's death.

She became aware of this fact after discovering many protein shake containers in the kitchen of Meegan Hefford. White thinks that her daughter purchased the shakes and supplements through online. According to Michelle White, the mother of the Australian bodybuilder, many other people also ended up in the hospital after consuming excessive supplements. The death of Meegan Hefford has already prompted the health experts to make people conscious about the risks of consuming these supplements.

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