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Xiaomi Mi A1: Recent Leak Suggests The Probable Upcoming Handset Will Feature Full-Screen Display

Aug 30, 2017 08:38 AM EDT

Xiaomi Mi A1, Android One smartphone to feature a full screen display
(Photo : GadgetGeeks / You Tube) Xiaomi Mi A1, Android One smartphone to feature a full screen display. Xiaomi Mi A1, Android One Smartphone: During the last week, some leaks circulated the media saying that the Xiaomi Mi A1 will be the Xiaomi company’s first Android One smartphone. The device got a place to stay on the Indonesian certification website which we call as POSTEL. It reveals that this phone will be the Xiaomi Mi 5X without the MIUI (Mi User Interface) skin. Xiaomi Mi A1, Android One Smartphone Sports the 5.5-inch FHD Display:

A recent leak suggests that Xiaomi will bring a new phone, Xiaomi Mi A1, the new Android One smartphone. The display of this upcoming handset will reportedly become bezel less.

Previous reports already hinted about the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi's preparation to bring a new handset that will run Android One. These reports also suggest that the new phone must be the variant of another Xiaomi handset, the recently released Mi 5X. According to Gizmo China, a recent image posted by one Weibo user who believes the device as the Xaomi Mi A1 reveals nearly full-screen display.

The recent leak that surfaced online clearly shows that the upcoming Xiaomi Mi A1 has no bezels. Only very small bezels are visible on the chin and the forehead of the phone. But, the important fact is these bezels are even thinner than another popular flagship handset, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

The Gizmo China reports that the new design has hinted the new Xiaomi Mi A1 is not the variant of Xiaomi's other phone Mi 5X. The design defines the Mi A1 as a new and different handset. The said Weibo user even included the RF exposure page to show that the upcoming handset is listed alongside the other Xiaomi phones.

According to The Android Soul, the Xiaomi Mi A1 will feature the 5.5-inch display. The display must be full HD and as already said bezel less. The device will sport dual cameras on the back. To offer good performance the phone will contain the Snapdragon 625 octa-core processor.

The interesting fact is the Xiaomi Mi A1 will run the stock Android instead of the popular MIUI 9. Android One defines the specific line of the Android devices that mainly targets the first-time users of the smartphone. Through the Android One, Google introduces the stock Android operating system, especially for the budget devices. The Xiaomi will probably launch the Mi A1 handset on Sep. 5.

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