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BlackBerry Phone Devoid Of The QWERTY Keyboard, Will Arrive In October

Aug 30, 2017 08:44 AM EDT

Blackberry KEYone Hands On
(Photo : Android Authority / You Tube) Blackberry KEYone Hands On.

The popular Chinese conglomerate TCL will launch a new BlackBerry handset in October with full touchscreen feature. This time the handset will not have the QWERTY keyboard.

So far users availed the BlackBerry handsets with its popular physical keyboard. But, the company has now planned to bring an all-screen device with no keyboard. In a word, the manufacturer company will now entertain not only the keyboard devotees but enthusiasts of the touchscreen device.

The global head of the sales of TCL, Francois Mahieu, says that the company will respect the reputation of BlackBerry for creating the hard-wearing devices. Obviously, these hard-wearing devices aim to those international travelers who will prefer to work in all weathers. Apart from the full-touchscreen, the new upcoming BlackBerry handset will also have a battery that will last above twenty-six hours.

The new BlackBerry handset will also feature the IP67 water proofing and the dust proofing, according to Engadget. Mahieu thinks that the two key selling points of the upcoming handset must be its durability and the longevity. The global head of sales even believes that the security skill of BlackBerry must help the TCL to produce world's most secured Android handset.

Mahieu expects that several Galaxy and the iPhone users may switch to BlackBerry when the new handset will land in October 2017. According to Tech Radar, the new handset will retain the same cost price as it is for the BlackBerry KeyOne. That means this new one will be cheaper compared to the iPhone and popular flagship device of Samsung, the Galaxy S8.

The upcoming BlackBerry phone will have higher end of the spectrum compared to other BlackBerry handsets. The company has already introduced budget-friendly Android phones. They include the DTEK60 and the DTEK50 models that have also offered the touchscreen. Now, the tech users have to wait some more time to avail the new handset that will see the daylight in October.

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