Tech giant Apple is going to announce a list of new iPhones next week on Sep. 12. New reports say the OLED -featured iPhone 8 will not ship alongside the LCD-featured iPhones.

According to TechCrunch, Apple will announce new iPhones next week, but the expensive and fancier handset, the iPhone8, will ship at a later period. That means two LCD-equipped iPhone 7S and the iPhone 7S Plus will be probably available as planned, but the expensive version will ship later. Currently, it is not even clear that how long it will take between the availability of the iPhone 8 and the two LCD-featured iPhones. Various reports have already surfaced that suggest the production glitches and the supply issues as the key causes for the said delay.

According to The Wall Street Journal, glitches in the manufacturing process could result in the extended supply shortages and the shipping delays. Creating the OLED displays for iPhone handsets and the difficulties in integrating the fingerprint scanner into it created problems. It has pushed back the production of the Apple iPhone by a month. Notably, the plan regarding the integration of the fingerprint scanner was abandoned later.

It is necessary for Apple to make the screens with different fashion compared to what another tech giant, Samsung, uses them for its smartphones. Apple separates the touch panel and the display and doesn't integrate them together. No doubt, this process needs more steps in producing every unit. Some reports indicate that the screens have created another complication.

The key fact is the screens are very expensive. According to the estimation of the analyst of KGI Securities, Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple pays for the LCD displays only $45 to $55. But Samsung wants $120 to $130 for each unit, and it may be one cause why the next Apple iPhone would be so expensive. Now, reports have also suggested that the expensive version could cost $1,000.