Canadian auto parts manufacturer Worksport has signed an agreement with American electric truck brand Atlis Motor Vehicles, September 22.

Worksport will be configuring its TerraVis - the revolutionary tonneau cover that integrates solar panels for pickup truck covers - as a piece of original equipment (OE) accessory for Atlis' upcoming XT electric truck.

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Bringing Cutting Edge Tech to Battery-Powered Pick-Ups

According to a press release, the two companies are set to work together immediately to align their respective design and engineering departments to include the solar tonneau cover on the highly-anticipated Atlis XT.

Together, Worksport's TerraVis Solar Truck Bed Power System will be integrated to help provide for the energy requirements of the Atlis XT truck. This new pickup truck from the Mesa, Arizona-based developer already boasts superior cell technology that allows the truck to be charged in as fast as 15 minutes - also offering options for varying mileage requirements.

Atlis XT has previously generated a lot of hype for its aggressive pricing attached to several cutting edge specifications. It offers up to a 500-mile range and reaches top speeds of 120 miles per hour, accelerating from 0 to 60 MPH in just 18 seconds.

For a battery-powered vehicle, Atlis XT is a beast - pulling up to 17,000 pounds of trailer hitch towing power, 35,000 pounds of fifth-wheel towing capacity, or up to 5,000 pounds of payload.

"This new collaboration agreement with a market-leading manufacturer continues to prove our business model and demonstrate our bright future and large upside," said Steven Rossi, Worksport President, and CEO. "It follows closely on our previous announcement to be the OEM partner for a customized solar truck bed power system."

Worksport's TerraVis - The Future of Electric Trucks

The deal with Atlis marks the latest collaborative project that Worksport has signed with a North American truck manufacturer - also tapping the Canadian company, whose headquarters is located north of Toronto, to design and provide customized TerraVis tonneau cover.

These agreements shortly follow Worksport's public disclosure about TerraVis. In a press release last August, it shared the link for the solar tonneau cover's website,, which contained specification and details about the highly-anticipated tech.

It describes the tech as a "mobile panel and solar generator system," whose solar panels collect and store energy in its battery bank. The system, which utilizes the standard pickup truck's payload capabilities, can be used to either power your gadgets and devices or to extend your vehicle's battery life.


Rossi credited the TerraVis as "transforming the company's future almost immediately," aside from rewarding the hard work that went into developing this breakthrough.

"We wish to assure customers and investors that Worksport will continue to focus on growth as the lead innovator and manufacturer in the Global Automotive Market for tonneau covers for electric and conventional light trucks," the Worksport CEO added.

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Aside from Altis, Worksport has been fielding inquiries from manufacturers, members of the media, and potential investors from Europe and North America. Last Sunday, September 21, Worksport held its open investor Q&A forum, sharing its growth and development with shareholders, investors, and enthusiasts.