SpaceX successfully launched a flight-proven Falcon 9 rocket for the landmark launch debut of the Cargo Dragon 2 spacecraft.

The weather is just 40 percent optimal for December 5th launching attempt at 11:39 am EST (16:39 UTC). However, it is forecasted to clear up about 11:15 am Sunday, jumping the conditions to 80 percent favorable.

Expected to carry some three metric tons (~6600 lb) of cargo to NASA's International Space Station (ISS), SpaceX's CRS-21 launch would represent several firsts for NASA, the US and spaceflight in general, including a massive commercial airlock.

CRS-21 would also be the first in decades that a modern space station-bound spaceship (Cargo Dragon 2) debuts on a flight-proven launcher, orbital firsts aside (Falcon 9). This SpaceX launch is under NASA's second Commercial Resupply Services deal.


Will test end anomalies?

In order to launch essential experiments and materials to the orbital laboratory, SpaceX had to use an improved variant of the Dragon cargo spacecraft for the first time.

Along with NASA astronaut Kate Rubins, the Crew-1 astronauts would operate on several of the scientific inquiries launched as part of Expedition 64 on SpaceX CRS-21.

Several projects on this mission conducted by the ISS U.S. National Laboratory are in the fields of life science and regenerative medicine and involve government-funded science, experimental studies, and study by major pharmaceutical firms.

SpaceX claims that its launch of Crew-1 Dragon on 15 November marked the start of continuous existence in orbit for the organization, barring abnormalities.

Additionally, the ongoing existence of a Dragon spacecraft in orbit also ensures that SpaceX would have two Dragons in orbit after any possible Dragon launches. Just Russia has regularly seen more than one space station-bound spacecraft (Soyuz and Progress) in orbit at the same period in the history of spaceflight and the International Space Station. CRS-21 would thus propel SpaceX into one of the most prestigious 'clubs' in spaceflight in the modern world, if effective.

SpaceX CRS-21 to Bring Several Firsts to ISS

As Science Times reported earlier this month, the latest Cargo Dragon from SpaceX will carry an array of different research materials that are fundamental to advancing the study of Earth and space by using the ISS requirements. Many Earthly tests can be greatly altered by taking full advantage of the strict space conditions, such as the lack of gravitational force.

In order to achieve a deeper understanding of illness and optimize medication design to benefit health treatment on Earth, SpaceX aims to exploit the special circumstances on the space station. The findings of this launch could contribute to breakthroughs that add benefit to our country and push a robust low-Earth orbit economy.

Watch the Launch 

NASA is scheduling a launch date. The launch will take place on Launch Island in Florida at the Kennedy Space Center. SpaceX's CRS-21 Cargo Dragon will be eligible for live streaming on both the NASA website and the YouTube Live page below.

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