When Apple decided to ditch its chargers due to environmental reasons, it has received various feedbacks ranging from positive to negative comments. Even its competitors, like Samsung, did not let it pass.

The South Korean tech conglomerate had trolled the new iPhone12 of Apple when released this year, saying that unlike the latter's new smartphone model, theirs comes with a charger. As expected, many were amused by this trolling by Samsung, although Apple did not comment on the matter.

Samsung and other Apple competitors have long been known to mock or troll Apple every time it releases its new flagship phones or gadgets. But then, after a few months, they also start following the steps of the American tech giant. It seems that Samsung is going in that direction again as reports claim that they consider ditching chargers and earphones in their next smartphones.

Will Others Do The Same?

According to the report of Mashable, the Brazilian website Technoblog has noticed that ANATEL, the regulatory agency, has approved the new Galaxy S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra models of Samsung, which reveals that they will come out without any charger or earbuds in their packaging like the Apple iPhone12.

The report says that Samsung is considering ditching the charger back in July, but this new development of reports give more proof of the next step that the Korean tech giant is taking.

Despite this, there is no confirmation yet coming from Samsung, and it is still likely that they will release their phones with chargers as what they plan to do in Brazil. The Latin American country is forcing smartphone manufacturers to ship a charger with the phone, making Samsung follow their regulations regardless of their initial plans.

But if Samsung does decide to follow iPhone12's example of not including the charger and earphones in their packaging, the tradition of Samsung mocking Apple for doing something innovative and them doing the same thing would indeed happen.

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Copying Features or Lack Thereof

Talk about history, Samsung has always trolled Apple for its new smartphone features, ending up copying. Like last year when they released the Note 10 that does not come with a headphone jack. Apple has already done that, which also received mixed reactions from its competitors and the public.

In 2017, they released an ad entitled "Growing Up" of a user getting frustrated by his iPhone's growing limitations, so he ends up buying a Samsung smartphone. At that time, Samsung was trolling the iPhone, but they have also followed its lead a few years later.

It seems that this will be repeated due to some leaked reports of the South Korean tech giant's plan of not including the chargers in their next Galaxy S21 series.

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