Despite the challenges that the world faced this year, 2020 has also brought innovative technologies for humanity that make living life better and more comfortable. Time magazine has compiled 100 inventions that were introduced this year, but let's take a look at ten of these new inventions and what's its use to humanity.

LUCI: Steadier Power Chairs

Top 10 Inventions of 2020: Can You Guess What?
(Photo : LUCI)
LUCI Steadier Power Chairs

After songwriter Barry Dean witnessed firsthand how her daughter with cerebral palsy suffered leg and arm injuries when her electric wheelchair tripped, he decided to enlist his engineer brother's help to create a steadier power wheelchair. The brothers were able to come up with LUCI, a power wheelchair that can monitor its environment sensors to respond appropriately to prevent accidents.

LUCI comes with an app where users or their caregivers can monitor and track the chair's data, like charging status and location. This steadier power wheelchair is priced at $8,445 and now available at mobility clinics in the US.

Augmedics xvision: AR-Guided Surgery

Augmedics CEO Nissan Elimelech once thought that it would be cool if surgeons would have X-ray vision like a popular superhero. After several years of testing, the company has made a headset that uses augmented reality to turn a CT scan into a 3D visualization to guide surgeons operating the spine to see what's under the skin without leaving it sight from the patient. Augmedics xvision has been approved by the FDA in December 2019 and is now in use by hospitals in the US, like Johns Hopkins and Rush University Medical Center.

Climate TRACE: The Climate Cop

Climate TRACE is the first of its kind environmental analytics tool that uses a combination of machine learning, infrared satellite imagery, and advanced computer modeling that track polluters worldwide in real-time. The data gathered by Climate TRACE will become available in 2021 and will help verify if governments are honoring their pledges to cut greenhouse gases, and help companies assess the cleanliness of their supply chain.

Air Vodka: Vodka, Out of Thin Air

Vodka is made from fermenting grains of corn, and wheat which produces carbon emissions. Air Co. has found a new way of producing vodka without producing much carbon emissions by transforming the CO2 into ethyl alcohol by distilling vodka from water and carbon dioxide. For every bottle produced by Air Vodka, one pound of carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere.

Willo: Hands-Free Brushing

Top 10 Inventions of 2020: Can You Guess What?
(Photo : Willo) Willo: Hands-Free Brushing Screenshot from Willo

Willo is a nylon-bristle-lined silicon toothbrush that makes even the fanciest electric toothbrushes look analog. Just slip it into the mouth and seal your lips, and let Willo do its work. You will not even need water because it pumps water and specially formulated toothpaste. It also rinses itself, and the pumping action feels like a gum massage.

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Sepura: Simpler Composting

Sepura is an eco-friendly disposal system, that turns the garbage disposal into a composting system. It is placed beneath the sink and its job is to separate and collect solids in a stink-free, 2.6-gallon bin beneath the sink. This odorless composting bin is easy to remove and empty on a compost pile.

mRNA Vaccines: Faster Development

Pfizer has just been recently administered to the public in the UK and the US. Its new vaccine technology relies on mRNA which is a faster and more flexible method of making vaccines against COVID-19. Pfizer has reported that its vaccines are 90% effective against the deadly virus. Moderna is also using the same technology but has yet to release its version of the vaccine.

CasusGrill: ABiodegradable Grill

CasusGrill uses cardboard, bamboo, and lava-stone which is a perfect biodegradable for your barbecue sessions. This single-use grill is developed by Carsten Nygaard Brogger. After its 60-minute cooking time, simply dig a hole and bury the CasusGrill because it is 100% biodegradable.

CrazyCap: Portable Water Purifier

CrazyCap CEO Rakesh Guduru created a water bottle cap that uses UVC light to sanitize water in the bottle within 60 seconds. It is perfect for use by hikers or campers as they no longer need to boil water to sterile it. CrazyCap can be used to sterilize water from taps or public fountains, as well as water from streams and ponds. The cap is rechargeable and can be used in almost any reusable bottles.

Heliogen HelioHeat: Industry, Powered By The Sun

Heliogen HelioHeat uses the power of the Sun to melt steel or make cement or electricity, components that are important in building the world today. Heliogen founder Bill Gross explained that a field of 100,000 computer-controlled, and motorized mirrors concentrate the sunlight towards the 40-meter-tall tower that gets heat up to 2,000°F for creating tons of steel and concrete for industrial use.

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