Open the Door to Happiness; By Learning the Psychology of Human Mind
(Photo : Open the Door to Happiness; By Learning the Psychology of Human Mind)

In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of scientific research that connects psychology with happiness and physical health. Much of this research has developed from the emerging discipline of Positive Psychology.

In the past, psychology has focused on understanding and suggesting remedies for anxiety, stress, depression, and other mental issues. With positive psychology, one can examine the benefits and causes of positive emotions, collecting data from research that helps us understand the traits and conditions that result in happiness. 

Now, there is a sizable amount of research that offers a clear indication that positive emotions have a significant impact on your physical health, resulting in a healthier and longer life. Below we discuss some of the major benefits of infusing psychological tactics in your day-to-day life that can improve the quality of your life. Let's begin!

Happiness Takes Care of Your Heart

Happiness may not originate from your heart but a healthy heart is a sign of a healthy mind. For example - you must have noticed that when you get angry it raises your blood pressure, and in the worst-case scenario, it can even cause you a heart attack. Many psychology degree holders believe that positive emotions can lower your blood pressure.

The groundbreaking work of Dr. Barbara Fredrickson explained that when stressed people watched a film that left them feeling amused and content, it led to a quicker recovery of their heart function. Whereas, other studies have found that something as little as a warm handshake from your compassionate friend can also lower your blood pressure. This is why it is said that happiness is contagious and laughter is the best medicine.   

Happiness Increases Your Focus and Develops Critical Thinking

Positive emotions, such as curiosity, joy, love, contentment, excitement help expand your focus and attention. When you are sad or angry, your focus deteriorates and narrows down to the roots of your frustration which turns your mind into a heat-seeking missile looking for a target to annihilate. 

Now let's compare it, what happens when you feel happy about something or someone - your mind opens up to new possibilities, there is a free flow of ideas and intellectual possibilities. Your mind into a fertile land where everything is full of beauty and splendor. This is why you should learn how to cultivate positive thoughts and learn all the benefits you can acquire from these methods. 

Renowned psychologist Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts medical schools explains the art of mindfulness meditation as a means of growing your awareness to get better at handling stress, fear, and depression. Anyone who wants to improve the quality of their life can seek help from applying the methods of mindfulness. 

Happiness Renews Your Energy to Problem-Solving

When you feel corned and frustrated it becomes obvious that it clouds your judgment and takes your ability to effectively solve problems. When you find yourself in such a situation, what you need is a good laugh. With the help of a good laugh, you restart your brain. Think of humor as a moisturizer your skin needs in winter. 

The mechanics which work underneath this process are happiness. Sometimes you have to get creative to find happiness around you, which is what you are getting when you laugh off your worries and stress - and your mind comes up with unique answers to life's many challenges. 

Happiness Neutralizes Negative Thoughts and Emotions

Happiness is your cure for anger and rage. Positive thinking as a result of happiness is your antidote to fear and disbelief. With a joyful mind, you are defusing a desire for vengeance on those who have wronged you. Negative emotions take a serious toll on your mental and physical health, this is why you need to keep a constant check on your thoughts and emotions which can harm you and your health. 

The psychology of the human mind tells you that positive and negative emotions can not exist at the same time - try to focus on the reasons that make you happy instead of those which make you sad or unhappy. This simple brain trick can help fight any difficult situation you might confront in your life. 

The Bottom-Line

In this busy day and age, we forget to take care of one of the most important organs of our body, which is the human mind. This is why we need to learn and practice the benefits of psychology to understand the human mind and guide it in leading a happy healthy life. The more you know about it the better it is for your health and your loved ones.