A new video clip has recently gone viral in the growing social media platform TikTok showing a swarm of lice on the scalp of an older adult's head. The clip has charted on the platform, gaining almost 60 million views in just a short amount of time. The TikTok video was uploaded by an account labeled 'The Lice Angels,' which is a page managed by a company based in the United States that treats patients with head lice conditions.

The TikTok clip shows a head lice expert going through the scalps of a 90-year-old woman, which exposed an observable group of lice wriggling on the hair roots. According to the video, the head lice condition examined on the woman was more extreme than the usual severity they treat and was enough reason to send the woman to hospital care for a more comprehensive remedy.

A follow-up video was uploaded regarding the matter, with the experts explaining that the woman was admitted successfully. In addition, the experts detailed that the open wounds caused by the head lice were administered with a series of antibiotic care. According to NewsAU, the treatment at the hospital will undergo for two weeks.

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What is Head Lice?

Head lice, according to NSW Health, is a condition exclusively found on the human head. They are usually found either on the scalp or the hair of the infected individual. Although they can be found on external areas and furniture, the main interest of head lice is the head of a person. Head lice do not target other materials compared to termites and ants that are fond of living and consuming wood and beddings.

Head lice are insects that have a body size parallel to the scale of sesame seeds. These organisms are wingless but move quickly throughout a person's head just by crawling and jumping from one hair strand to another. Fortunately, the severity of the condition can be lessened and the total head lice present in the head can be removed. However, the care to prevent and eradicate head lice is only possible with direct treatment to a head's surface. The option available to get rid of lice in a human's head is through mechanical and chemical approaches. Most of the materials needed to protect ahead from being infected by head lice are easy to obtain and can be found in a local supermarket or drugstore.

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Head Lice in United States

Head lice are also known as Pediculus humanus capitis. According to CDC, they feed off the blood from the scalp of a person and could cause irritation, but could not trigger other infections.

Head lice conditions can be found in any part of the globe. The infection usually targets a younger age group, scaling from pre-school to elementary children. There are no available data yet on how much of the younger population is being affected by head lice, but CDC said that infestations in the United States occur by 6 to 12 million cases each year to a specified age of children under 3 to 11 years.

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