A daring model suggests that a giant magnetic tunnel encircles the whole solar system. 

Science Alert, citing University of Toronto researchers, said the model focuses on two critical sky structures. These are the North Polar Spur and the Fan Region. Since their discovery in the 1960s, the buildings appeared to be unconnected. Now, a team of academics led by astronomer Dr. Jennifer West at the university claims they're part of a massive, tunnel-like magnetic field that surrounds the solar system.

"If we were to look up in the sky, we would see this tunnel-like structure in just about every direction we looked - that is, if we had eyes that could see radio light," West said in the press release.

Researchers reported the findings of their study in "A Unified Model for the Fan Region and the North Polar Spur: A Bundle of Filaments in the Local Galaxy."

 Earth's Magnetic Field Have A 200 Million-Year-Long Cycle As Found From Rock Samples in Ancient Lava
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Artist's rendition of Earth's magnetosphere.

Earth, Solar System, and Milky Way Galaxy Might Be Covered By A Giant Magnetic Tunnel

According to a recent report by Sputnik International, the supposed magnetic tunnel lies some 350 light-years away from the solar system. It indicates that if it were measured from Earth, it would be farther distant.

On the other hand, the current research does not say if the space constructions have a detrimental impact on the planets in the Milky Way Galaxy.

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Meanwhile, the researchers claimed they were the first to investigate the link between the North Polar Spur and the Far Region. They said that most previous studies had only looked at them separately.

Dr. West said that anytime she and her colleagues look beyond the solar system, they see the two odd buildings enveloping the whole Earth. The lead astronomer went on to say that they hoped their recent discovery would aid NASA and other space specialists in understanding the evolution of magnetic fields in other galaxies.

Future Studies, Research

In the future, the team aims to complete even more comprehensive models to discover and comprehend what role the magnetic tunnel plays in the galaxy.

Magnetic fields do not exist in isolation, according to West, as reported by Futurism. She went on to say that these objects have to be connected to one another. As a result, they'll do more study to figure out how this local magnetic field links to both the larger-scale galactic magnetic field and the smaller-scale magnetic fields of our Sun and Earth in the future.

Many space specialists are publishing new findings right now, which might be very valuable to other experts. Science Times reported the first exoplanet to survive a dying star, apart from the newly discovered magnetic tunnel field.

According to the involved astronomers, the data obtained might aid in determining what will happen to Earth after the sun dies. However, the conclusion is unfavorable, as they predicted that the planet would be destroyed due to its proximity to the solar system's primary star.

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