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Increase in Dump Sites Point to Crystal Meth Explosion in US

Mar 26, 2015 05:32 PM EDT

Crystal Meth Is A Dangerous Drug That Police Are Working To Remove From The Streets
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Police officers all across America are dealing with a disturbing increase in the amount of crystal methamphetamine being manufactured. The dangerous drug poses a serious threat to both users and law enforcement. The police officers and other enforcement officials in the Battle Creek, Michigan area are finding themselves in a similar situation, with many dump sites appearing where trash left over from the manufacturing operations has been thrown away.


Law enforcement officials in Calhoun County, Michigan have been seeing a massive increase in the number of crystal methamphetamine dump sites in recent weeks. It seems that as the snow melts, more and more of these sites are being uncovered and found by police and civilians alike.


In one dump site, located in the woods along M-37 near Bedford Township, officials found 8 bottles used to manufacture the deadly drug. They also located 18 more bottles and approximately 26 pounds of waste in another dump site, near Burlington. According to the Battle Creek Enquirer, there is more of this material to be found in rural and urban areas alike.


Officer Scott Marshall, of the Battle Creek Police force, says that, "Under the leaves, and with the snow melting, there are things sitting out there since winter and we are now just finding the stuff." He also pointed out that there is a constant supply of fresh waste material being dumped along rural roads where people may find it.


According to Marshall crystal methamphetamine has hit every neighborhood in the area. He says, "It is in urban neighborhoods and all the way to rural neighborhoods. There is no place this drug hasn't touched."


Crystal methamphetamine usage has taken off over the last two decades. The signs of a heavy user are very apparent, with rapid aging and tooth decay being the most noticeable symptoms. The demand for the drug has fueled a rash of “meth labs” popping up around the country, and towns in every state are dealing with the aftermath.

Locating and destroying the methamphetamine manufacturing stations has proven to be a daunting and dangerous task. Several police officers in different states have died over the last decade when meth labs exploded while they were attempting a raid or trying to dismantle them.

We reported earlier this week of police officials in Jakarta who captured and incinerated more than $1 million worth of the illegal substance. The meth was taken from a smuggling ring which was attempting to bring it into the country through the airport.

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