On top of waking you up in the morning, a new study suggests that one cup of coffee can actually offset the negative physical effects of three alcoholic drinks a day.

You have probably already heard that coffee actually provides many health benefits. The morning pick-me-up is also a diuretic for the digestive system, which can be both beneficial and harmful at the same time. For example, it can cause dehydration and even gastritis, but it can also help keep things flowing normally so to speak. In addition, it is also an anti-inflammatory and some studies have even shown that it can prevent cancer.

Alcohol, while often lifting spirits, is actually really bad for you. It is a burden on the endocrine system and it can damage the stomach, liver, kidneys, and even the heart. Some studies have even shown that it can cause cancer.

In a new study from the World Cancer Research Fund, researchers have proven that coffee can actually offset the negative cancer causing effects of alcohol. In the report from the WCRF, researchers analyzed global studies on cancer and the probable causes of cancer. In the study of 8 million people, cancer risk increased when they consumed three drinks per day. However, the study also found that people who also drank coffee, offset some of the negative effects of alcohol.

So how much coffee do you need to drink to shield yourself from the cancer causing effects of alcohol? The study shows it could be as little as one cup a day.

The study looked at 24,500 liver cancer cases and according to Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center epidemiologist Dr. Anne McTiernan, the findings prove the "clearest indication to date of how many drinks actually cause liver cancer."

"The evidence for coffee was generally consistent, and the dose-response meta-analysis showed a significant decreased risk of liver cancer per one cup per day. This was consistent with findings from three published meta-analyses. When stratified by sex, the association was significant for men but not for women," the study said.

More importantly, the panel found that as little as one cup of coffee per day could actually reduce the risk of liver cancer in most people who would consume about 45 grams (roughly equivalent to about three drinks) of alcohol per day.

So what does this mean for you? Well, if you had three drinks the night before you definitely shouldn't skip that Starbucks the next day. If you do, you could be putting yourself at a greater risk for cancer.