With the first weekend out on the streets many Apple users are testing the metal of the new Apple Watch. They're exploring the apps, testing the user-friendly interface and even keeping an eye out to see just how calibrated and accurate the watch function is. But at more than $350 a pop for even the cheapest of sport models, you know one thing that we didn't expect to see? Anyone blending an Apple Watch, that's for sure.

Leave it to the blenders at Blendtec to answer the question that wasn't particularly on anyone's mind-will the Apple Watch blend? Well, it's not titanium and though it's pricey, it doesn't have an impenetrable design, so our guess was yes. But after being given the opportunity to see the destruction first hand, we're almost sad to see it go. As soon as you could possibly get your hand on an Apple Watch, someone is already ready to tear it to parts. But if you're an Android user who'd like to see another Apple product reduced to ash and smoke, here's your opportunity.

Too bad Siri couldn't have just answered this question for them...