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Apple Rolls Out New App For Musicians

Apple Rolls Out New App For Musicians

Apple has rolled out its new Music Memos App on Wednesday, which allows both musicians and aspiring musicians to transform a single idea into a whole new composition.

Bigger Is Better—Apple iPhone 6 Plus Sales Skyrocket After Chinese New Year

When it comes to China’s tech industry, the bigger truly is better. So when Apple released the larger-screen version of their iPhone 6, the iPhone 6 Plus, earlier this year economists saw a huge spike in sales courtesy of the ever-growing Chinese market. And with booming electronic sales well into the Chinese New Year, as they new Plus-sized iPhones remained at the top of everyone’s wish list, people started referring to China as the “golden goose” for Apple, who has made quite a mint on its new and improved product.

Reduced to Bits—Blendtec Pulverizes New Apple Watch

With the first weekend out on the streets many Apple users are testing the metal of the new Apple Watch. They’re exploring the apps, testing the user-friendly interface and even keeping an eye out to see just how calibrated and accurate the watch function is. But at more than $350 a pop for even the cheapest of sport models, you know one thing that we didn’t expect to see? Anyone blending an Apple Watch, that’s for sure.
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