Middle aged people should lower their alcohol consumption to reduce the risk of having dementia, according to a study made by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence. Guidelines for avoiding dementia  suggested that alcohol consumption is one of the major factors that affects the development of the disease. 

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence reported that there is no safe level of consumption of alcohol for individuals age 40-64 even drinking in the government safe limits can still increase the factors of developing Alzheimer's disease. NICE also added that "GPs should tackle the issues about the lifestyle of middle aged individuals". Research shows that one third of the reported Alzheimer's cases can be connected to lifestyle factors, this includes alcohol consumption, smoking, obesity and exercising.

The results of alcohol consumption published later this year  was pointed to  middle aged individuals by the different health organizations. Current official guidelines stated that men should not drink more than four units a day because the report shows that social norms can heavily affect behavioural risks. It appears to be that drinking alcohol daily has become normal for most people, and this action can be a  threat to a person's health. 

NICE also added that by changing their actions younger generation would also be encouraged to do the same. Watchdog called out to NHS to make the danger of alcohol consumption clear and encourage people to change or cut the amount of drinking as much as possible or to just simply stop drinking.

Apparently, the longer people live the greater the possibility of getting dementia. One in every six people over the age of 80 have developed this disease. This disease includes problem with language, impaired cognitive function or memory loss,  and spatial awareness functions. Treatment does exist, but prevention is the holy grail for not developing the disease.  According to studies, Dimentia is less attainable when you have lesser alcohol consumption and maintain a healthy lifestyle.