Since the beginning of space, revolution scientists have sent so many things to space for better observation and research. From football field-sized space station to over six million pound weighted rockets, there are some super massive things at space. Here is a list of top seven largest objects in space that have been sent from Earth.

1.International Space Station(ISS): It is the largest space station ever built. ISS is more than the size of a football field. It is 356 feet in length and 240 feet in width and it weighs more than 900,000 pounds. The whole set up of the space station wasn’t launched at once. It was launched into pieces and the assembling process was completed in 2011. ISS is the only artificial satellite that could be seen with the naked eyes from Earth.

2.Hubble Space Telescope(HST): HST has been the largest space telescope in its category since 1990. This space telescope is named after the honor of famous astronomer Edwin Hubble. According to Popular Mechanics, Hubble Space Telescope is 43.5 feet in length that are more than the size two full-length school bus and it weighs almost 27,000 pounds, twice the weight of full grown African elephants.

3.Environment Satellite(Envisat): Envisat is one of the largest satellite orbiting Earth. It was launched in 2002 from Guyana Space Centre in French Guiana. The main purpose of this satellite was to monitor Earth’s atmosphere. It was 33 feet in length and it weighs about 18,100 pounds. However, it is not in operation right now as it was discontinued since 2012 but, it is still orbiting.

4.MIR: It is the First Space Station in space launched by another country other than the United States. MIR space station was built by the Soviet Union in 1986. It was 108 feet in length 101 feet in width. The weight of the MIR was almost 309,000 pounds. Although, It was destroyed during the re-entry to Earth’s atmosphere in 2001.

5.Saturn V: Saturn V is the tallest, heaviest and most powerful rocket ever built. According to NASA, it is 343 feet tall and it weights more than six million pounds. NASA used to launch it from Florida's Kennedy Space Center. It was first launched in 1967 and discontinued in 1973. Saturn V has completed total 13 missions during its timeline.

6.Skylab: In terms of size it is not as large as International Space Station but it is the first space station in the world. It was weighed almost 170,000 pounds. Skylab orbited Earth from 1973 to 1979. An astronaut could visit for up to 84 days at a time.

7.Automated Transfer Vehicle(ATV): It is one of the largest space vessels in the world. AVT used to supply oxygen, water, food, clothing, spare parts and experiments to the ISS. After docking and hanging out with the ISS for six months, the craft was then filled with trash and burned up over the Pacific Ocean.