Multiple Sclerosis can now be stopped by resetting the immune system. But, the therapy is found to be risky.

Labiotech reported a potential risky treatment which possibly stops the progression of Multiple Sclerosis. The therapy is called resetting the immune system or Autologous Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (AHSCT).

The procedure will involve harvesting the patient's bone marrow and transfused back after immune cells have been eliminated with chemotherapy. The method was based on previous studies of resetting the immune system that does not attach neurons anymore.

According to BBC, the therapy is risky for the person with Multiple Sclerosis would need to be put its life in danger. It is because the entire immune system of the person will need to be wiped out with the use of strong cancer drugs. After this, the immune system of the person will be rebooted via stem cell transplant.

Unfortunately, out of 281 people who are reported to have the treatment, only half was reported to be successful. Eventually, eight persons with Multiple Sclerosis dies after the therapy.

However, if the therapy had been a success, there are no definite time that the therapy might work. But then, when the immune system of the patients got reset, the disease will be stopped from attacking the body.

Meanwhile, on a study conducted, doctors have found out that patients who are younger might benefit from the AHSCT or resetting of the immune system. Even though doctors cannot tell how long the benefit of the therapy will last, they can only assure that the medication will prevent the disease for up to five years.

41-year old Mark Rye had the therapy last December 2016. According to him, getting on a decision for the therapy was hard. But, he did not want his Multiple Sclerosis to get worse, so he bravely tried the treatment, though it is said risky. Now, he is well for two months after the doctors were done resetting the immune system in his body to fight Multiple Sclerosis.