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Verizon Introduces 25Mbps Pre-Paid 'Triple-Play' FiOS Data Plan

Mar 08, 2017 12:42 AM EST

Verizon offers pre-paid hi-speed internet
(Photo : Kena Betancur/Getty Images) Verizon Unlimited is the new unlimited data plan offer from Verizon Wireless which will become available soon.

In the latest announcement, mobile service provider Verizon offers Pre-paid FiOS fiber optic data. Now the customers will not need to go through the hassle of subscription.

According to Engadget, the new plan is known as "FiOS Prepaid". It does not require any kind of subscription. The customers will have to pay through a debit card or via payment kiosks at a Verizon wireless store on a monthly basis to avail the service. The FiOS Prepaid service is not yet available in all parts of the US. It is present only in select markets along the East Coast, precisely New York, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Delaware. It is also available in the DC metro area and around Boston.

The customer enrolling for the Verizon FiOS Prepaid services can get 25Mbps internet at $60 per month with an included Wi-Fi router. One can add 155 TV channels at the cost of $40-50 every month, 200 channels for $40, which includes 35 Spanish language stations or basic phone service for $10 per month according to his preference.

The users can also get all the three offers bundled in one package at the expense of $110-120 per month, Data and TV for $100-110, or data and voice for $70. An installation fee of $90 is also chargeable. However, the customer doesn't need to pay any if he can manage to do it himself.

According to Slash Gear, the Verizon FiOS Prepaid plan is available anywhere the regular FiOS plans are offered. It is reportedly the first "triple play" prepaid FiOS option from Verizon. It provides an option with fewer restrictions for subscribers who can't or are not willing to get the regular FiOS service.

Verizon is optimistic about the benefits available with the FiOS Prepaid plan is definitely going to appeal a number of people. There is no requirement for any kind of credit check, signing any contract or credit card to avail the service and also no initial deposit. The customer also does not need to buy any equipment separately.

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