Ancient Viking Helmet is Dated Back to the 10th Century

Archaeologist Analyze the Unique Design of Viking Helmets

Vikings were known as one of the fiercest warrior groups in the history of mankind. However, only two ancient near-complete helmets have been retrieved by archaeologists, and one was recently confirmed to belong to the 10th century.
Benefits of Getting a Home Lift

Benefits of Getting a Home Lift

As you get older, you might find that your mobility becomes limited. You might have to make lifestyle changes so you can remain at home. But with time, these changes will become a routine, and they can help you live a happier lifestyle. One of these changes might involve installing a home lift. They let you move from floor to floor with ease, and they give you more independence.
Signs It May be Time to Relocate to a New Home

Signs It May be Time to Relocate to a New Home

It is undeniable that moving comes with a lot of mental, physical, and financial constraints. Therefore, most people avoid moving at all costs. This is understandable, but there are instances when moving to a new home is a huge necessity. You need to understand when it's time to start looking at other homes. Below are some signs that indicate it's time to move.
'Drawn-on-Skin' Electronics: Highly Advanced Wearable Monitors

Researchers Develop Wearable Monitors That Can Be Drawn on the Skin

A new type of wearable device called drawn-on-skin electronics does more than monitoring heart rate and calories burned in a day. The advanced device can be drawn on the skin like a pen on paper while monitoring the body accurately for personalized medical care.
College Startup Ideas from Phil Collins and His Team

College Startup Ideas from Phil Collins and His Team

Most college students operate under a tight budget since college is already an expensive affair. The stressful workload and long study hours do not help the difficult situation. While college life is an exciting period where students enjoy the freedom to explore, travel, and have fun, it becomes impossible without money. So, what do you do to get an extra coin while in college? Starting a business is the perfect solution.
Ingenuity: The First Helicopter To Fly on Mars

An Inside Look at the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter

NASA scientists are having a Wright brothers moment as Ingenuity will be the first helicopter to fly on a different planet. If successful, the independent helicopter will set a new milestone for the future of robotic space explorations.
Science Times - The Engineer's Best Friend: An Inside Look at Ford's Robotic Dog, Fluffy

Ford Has a Robotic Dog Named Fluffy, Helping Engineers

Fluffy, a dog-like robot designed by Boston Dynamics, has been helping Ford's engineers in Michigan. With impressive specs, Ford's processes have been 'more efficient and effective' without displacing their workforce.
Public Restrooms are Evolving Due to Covid-19d

Businesses Creating a Safe Environment Start With Public Toilets

Public spaces and businesses are continually working on the safety of people, especially in public toilets. Bathroom companies are also developing ways to ensure this safety such as eliminating toilet plumes, or the potentially harmful droplets that spread after flushing.
[Watch] Giant Gundam Robot Learns How to Walk

59-Foot Gundam Robot is Seen Moving and Almost Walking

Building the giant Gundam robot started with a vision that seemed impossible. Through the hard work of some of Japan's top specialists, the vision has become a reality within six years as the robot is nearly completed.
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