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Meet Nest Audio: Google's New Home Speaker

Google presents the new smart speaker for your home: Nest Audio. Its specs, looks, and even its name show potential as the next-generation full-size speaker for everyday use.
Photoacoustic Technology Used to Develop 3D Finger Vein Biometric System

New 3D Finger Vein Biometrics Has 99% Identification Accuracy

Traditional biometric authentication only uses 2D imagine—increasing the chances of false acceptance or rejection of identity. Researchers develop a new system using photoacoustic tomography for more accurate 3D finger vein biometric authentication.
B-TENG Device: Tiny Wind Turbine Harvets Energy From a Breeze

Small Wind Turbine Can Someday Power Electronic Devices

Chinese scientists develop a tiny wind turbine that can harvest energy from a light breeze. The developers hope that someday it can be used to power electronic devices, provide electricity for communities where energy is scarce, and even compete with traditional wind turbines.
Science Times - Red Blood Cells

New Microendoscopy Technique Can Record Images of Red Blood Cells Pixel by Pixel

Endoscopies have evolved from taking images of the esophagus, intestines, and organs, using bulky equipment to minimally-invasive procedures using precision lasers. A new endoscopy technique, however, involves an even smaller device, one that is measured in microns, with the ability to record pixel-by-pixel images of red blood cells.
The Physics of Throwing a Football

The Physics of Throwing a Football

Whenever there is a discussion about the best way to throw a football, people will often focus on the grip, the footwork, and even the arm motion before release. What you may not hear as much is the physics involved.
Carbon Nanotubes Act as Efficient Filter During Desalination Processes

Researchers Develop Carbon Nanotube Water Filters

Desalination processes to produce potable water are essential for all communities, especially in areas where water is scarce. However, traditional methods go through multiple processes resulting in additional costs and energy. Scientists developed artificial carbon nanotubes as an efficient filtration system.
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