The Physics of Throwing a Football

The Physics of Throwing a Football

Whenever there is a discussion about the best way to throw a football, people will often focus on the grip, the footwork, and even the arm motion before release. What you may not hear as much is the physics involved.
Carbon Nanotubes Act as Efficient Filter During Desalination Processes

Researchers Develop Carbon Nanotube Water Filters

Desalination processes to produce potable water are essential for all communities, especially in areas where water is scarce. However, traditional methods go through multiple processes resulting in additional costs and energy. Scientists developed artificial carbon nanotubes as an efficient filtration system.
Lucid Air Dream Edition - Elite Electric Sedan Available by 2021

Sneak Peek at Lucid Motors New Electric Car

Lucid Motors, a new electric company, will be releasing the Lucid Air series by next year. It has a range of advanced internal features including Ethernet-based communication and safety monitoring.
Algae-Based Biofabric Designed to Help Reduce Carbon Gas Emissions

Carbon-Negative Clothing Hopes to Alleviate Climate Change

The fashion industry has been looking at alternative natural fibers and algae for more sustainable clothing. Designers Roya Aghighi and Charlotte McCurdy have been using algae to create a biofabric capable of absorbing carbon.
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