Artificial Intelligence

Researchers Create New AI Tool for Detecting Unfair Discrimination

Researchers Create New AI Tool for Detecting Unfair Discrimination

The researchers created an AI tool for detecting discrimination concerning a protected attribute such as gender or race by human decision makers or AI systems that are based on the concept of causality in which one thing, a cause, causes another thing, an effect

AI Identifies and Classifies Wild Animal Behavior

AI-driven activity recognition has been used to record emotions of wild animals from walking style, it can also estimate how many people are in a room and it can create videos from start and end frames alone. But that is not all this invention is good for.
Baby Crying

Artificial Intelligence To Help Translate Infant Cries

When babies start to cry, their primary caregivers are signalled that they are either hungry, sleepy or need a diaper change. However, not matter how simple this may seem, to first time parents, a baby's cry always means something they have yet to comprehend. Luckily, a group of researchers from the Northern Illinois University is working on an AI that will help parents make a distinction between what are normal cries and what cries are a result of an illness.
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A Room-Cleaning Robot in the Works

For most of us, weekends, most especially Sundays, are spent tidying up and cleaning the house, trying to prepare for another busy week ahead. Imagine having a robot at home that could help you with all these tedious chores. This might not be so far out since according to a report by BBC, a start-up company in Japan is trying to teach a pair of machines exactly just this. It seems to be proving a bit difficult 'coz what seems like a simple job for us humans, is a surprisingly tricky task for a robot - specifically, cleaning a bedroom.
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