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Google's 'Smart Reply' Will Answer Emails For You

Google's parent company Alphabet is presenting a new email program that determines on your behalf what emails get a short response or prepares a few replies. Dubbed as the 'Smart Reply', answering email can now be a tap away.

Disaster-Mitigating Robots Battle for $2 Million Pentagon Prize

On June 5th, the Pentagon will hold the final round of its Robotics Challenge, where 25 teams from around the world will vie for a $2 million prize to see whose robot can perform best amidst a simulated disaster zone. But there's more at stake than just money. The Pentagon hopes one day such robots might save lives.

A New Contender in Trial And Error—The Robot That Learns Like You and I

Robots that can learn? Yes they can, at least with these new algorithms. A UC Berkeley research team has created algorithms that allow robots to use trial and error to learn motor tasks. This is a process that is much closer to the ways that humans think and learn, making it a major artificial intelligence milestone.

Man Versus Machine: Who Won Supreme In Record-Breaking Poker Match?

In the ultimate poker match between man and machine, man won-at least for this round. In a two-week competition that just ended, four top ten players of Heads-up No-limit Texas Hold'em took on Claudico, an artificial intelligence program created by a Carnegie Mellon University team and won more chips than they lost.
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