Harvard University

Harvard Professor Oliver Hart during a press conference at Harvard announcing his shared Nobel Prize in Economics with MIT Professor Bengt Holmstrom on October 10, 2016 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Harvard And MIT Wins Battle Over CRISPR Patent

The court ruling on the case of the CRISPR patent has been out and is in favor of Harvard and MIT. Read to know more about the side of the University of California in this battle.
QS released the top ranking universities in the world for 2015

University Ranking: A Reflection Of Investment Level

QS World University Rankings recently released the list of top universities in the world for 2015 with Massachusetts Institute of Technology retaining its top position while the rest of the institutions shuffled.
Rose Galaxies

Could Dark Matter and Black Holes Cause the Swirl In Your Galaxy?

Ever seen a snapshot of the universe and wondered just how and what makes the beautiful swirling shapes that modern telescopes now let us see? Imagery of the Horsehead Nebula, the Pillars of Creation, and even the Rose Galaxies have captivated researchers and the public for decades, but finding exactly what causes space dust, planets and stars to conform in such elegant forms has often eluded astronomers studying the infinite wonders of space. But a new study conducted by researchers with the Harvard University Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA) reveals that the connection between collections of stars and the elliptical shapes of galaxies may have something to do with dark matter and the presence of black holes at the center of every galactic mass.
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