Mars Rover

China is Getting Ready to Launch a Rocket to Mars

China's First Mars MIssion is Happening this July

China, U.S.A, and the U.A.E. will all be launching rovers before August for their Mars missions. They rovers will be scheduled to land on Mars by early 2022 for scientific research.
Mars Rocks Captured by Opportunity Rover

Opportunity Rover Finds Strange Rocks on Mars

For those of you that follow the movement of Opportunity, one of NASA's Mars rovers studying the surface of the Red planet, you may have noticed that it has stopped to smell the roses or, in this case, rocks. The rover has taken a break from its other investigative activities to closely examine some oddly shaped rocks that have never before been seen on the surface.
Curiosity Rover Selfie

Short Circuit Leaves Curiosity with One Arm

NASA has announced that the Mars Curiosity Rover now just has one arm, due to a short circuit that happened while the rover was attempting to retrieve a sample.
Opportunity Rover

Opportunity Rover Celebrates 11 Years on Mars

NASA's Opportunity Mars Rover is celebrating a new milestone of eleven years on the Red Planet. But in spite of its fortitude, the rover which is only about the size of a riding lawn mower, was originally only designed to explore the Martian surface for about 90 days, along with her twin rover, Spirit.
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