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 Modified Mediterranean Diet Is The Key To Live A Longer Life

Modified Mediterranean Diet If You Want Longevity

Experts said that eating a modified Mediterranean diet promotes longevity. This includes eating foods rich in monounsaturated fats, like avocados, olives, olive oil, and rapeseed oil.
The Secret sauce to less depression is in your diet!

The Secret Sauce to less Depression is in your Diet!

It’s not cool to be downed with blues, especially when it has negative effects. No one likes it to happen, but the answer is in what you eat! Embarking on a new diet will have beneficial results, and lessens how often depression strikes everyone. Without depression, most individuals experience more satisfaction and are bogged down less.
Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet Can Slow Aging, But What Else Can It Do?

A study published earlier yesterday, Dec. 2, in the British Medical Journal reveals that nutritional data indicates the health benefits of a so-called Mediterranean Diet high in healthy fats, boosting anti-aging in women and adding a few more years to their lifespan. But it’s not just age that the diet affects, so what else can it do?
Mediterranean Diet

A Bit of Mediterranean Lifestyle Could Help You Live Longer

As if we didn’t already know that life on the Mediterranean is much better for our health, than the hectic city life and fast food of metropolises, it turns out that new research published this week in the British Medical Journal reveals that a Mediterranean Diet is amongst the healthiest out there. But while you may imagine strolls on the beach and kilos of gelato to take home, like many trips to Italy undoubtedly have, the diet that Harvard researchers investigated for the study was the trademark diet known of the Mediterranean – rich in olive oils, fish, vegetables, legumes and low in sugar. With a little added touch; a glass of wine traditional with every meal. And what the researchers found is that women who follow the strictly healthy fat diet have significantly longer life spans than women who don’t have a healthy diet – keeping them younger and in better health for years more than the global average.
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