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Marine Biologists Think That Blue Whale Song Times Indiciate Specific Seasons

Blue Whale Recordings Reveal Daytime and Nighttime Song Patterns

Very little is known about blue whale songs, especially since the endangered species is difficult to track. A new study has evidence of song patterns, leading some marine biologists to believe that song times indicate particular seasons such as feeding and migration.

Celebrate International Day of Biological Diversity with The Great Nature Project

May 22nd is the UN's International Day of Biological Diversity. This year's theme: Biodiversity for Sustainable Development. But instead of making little Pinterest planet Earth cupcakes or watching a movie about wildlife, why not get involved with National Geographic's Great Nature Project and have a real impact contributing to the scientific record?
Partial Solar Eclipse

Taking A Bite Out of Sunlight—US Expects A Partial Solar Eclipse

Predicted to occur this Thursday, Oct. 23, the off-center new moon will pass in front of the sun creating a partial solar eclipse seen across the United States. Though the predicted visibility will range anywhere from twelve to seventy percent of clarity, researchers at NASA expect that the event will be widely visible across the entire continental US.
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