An Antidepressant Drug Is Linked To Birth Defects

Study Links Anti-Depressant Drug And Birth Defects

A meta-analysis of previous studies claim that expectant mothers taking the antidepressant paroxetine (Paxil, Seroxat) during the early stages of their of pregnancy can result to birth defects. Result is particularly high during the first trimester.
Contrary to previous notions, yoga after all is safe for pregnant women even those already in late stage

Yoga Safe For Pregnant Women, New Study Claims

It is believed that practicing yoga among expectant mothers especially during their third semester is contraindicated but this new study debunks previous notions and encourages its practice.
Alcohol During Pregnancy

FASDs In Pregnancy

Alcohol is not good for pregnant women and for their babies as per experts' study and conclusion.

Worst Long Term Effect Of Abortion

By the age of forty-five, two out of every five women has had an abortion. Perhaps it is the significance of this number that makes the abortion debate so heated.

Lamaze Childbirth Pioneer Dies

Elisabeth Bing, co-founder of Lamaze International who popularized what was known as natural childbirth and changed how women and doctors approached the delivery room, died Friday in her New York apartment at the age of 100. The cause of her death wasn't immediately known.

Narcotic Painkillers Common During Pregnancy Could Harm Baby

According to a new study, the use of prescription narcotic painkillers is common during pregnancy but it can increase the likelihood that a baby will be born early or small, or the baby could go through potentially painful withdrawal symptoms after birth.
Curing Salmon

The Fishy Case of How Seafood May Help Fetuses In-Utero

A new study suggests that despite concerns of exposure to mercury, pregnant women that eat a lot of fish may not harm their unborn child. In fact, it could help prevent fetuses from having developmental issues later, as has been previously believed.
Surprised Mama

Woman Becomes a Mother Only an Hour After Discovering She Is Pregnant

How much time did you have to prepare for the arrival of your first child? A woman from Massachusetts gave birth to a baby girl on Tuesday barely an hour after she discovered she was pregnant. According to reports, Weymouth town resident Katherine Kropas, 23, sought treatment at South Shore Hospital on Tuesday morning for worsening back pain. Physicians had a difficult time tracing the source of her pain, that is, until they decided to run an ultrasound test and found Kropas was with child.
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